Not Enough Positivity

There’s too much negativity

Circling my mind

Why is positivity

So very hard to find


I’d like to be an optimist

And see the good in life

Instead, I’m quite the pessimist

Drowning under strife


I’d like to discover the beauty

In my life, so hard to bear

See more than the negative cruelty

That drives me to despair


With a darkness that consumes

Every single part of me

I’m mired in a growing gloom

No light, can I see


It often becomes, hard to cope

In this pessimistic plight

With nothing more, than my hope

To aid me as I fight


To the dark, I can’t give in

No matter how it drains

I can’t let negativity win

When a glimmer of hope remains


If I can tame that negative beast

Bring it under my control

No longer, could it freely feast

And spread despair, throughout my soul


My life, might lack positivity

Yet it hides in the background

And it might not happen instantly

But with hope it can be found


I want to be an optimist

Even when life goes awry

I shan’t resign myself, to be a pessimist

I won’t let positivity die



Cameron D Hamilton 07/07/2017


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