The More I Know

No matter the subject of conversation

Each sentence she speaks draws fascination

And with every insight into her mind

My feelings for her become defined


The more I learn, the more I know

My love for her, is destined to grow

And with every secret she reveals

I fall for her, head over heels


Each tale she’s told right from the start

Has found a place within my heart

And with each word, she’s truly stole

My heart. my mind and my eternal soul



Cameron D Hamilton 05/07/2017


20 thoughts on “The More I Know

            1. I don’t have much of a choice… I’ve lost far too much of myself. I need to find myself again so I can write and read and play and be a part of life again. Be part of this community here again and the larger non digital one outside.
              You have to be selfish before you can share.

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                1. I’m annoyed my retreat has been so long and is turning to an all out hermit like state.
                  It’s for the best and I know I’ll recover. I’m just a tad impatient and that’s never a good thing.
                  For the moment I keep listening and easing myself along…. and it’s always nice to know people are out there listening too πŸ’œ

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                    1. Yeah a very good friend of mine started things up. Sadly I’ve not been present and it’s not really been fair to anyone. The project is very new, this first month has been a soft launch playing with what potentially can be done. I’ve lots of really cool ideas knocking around but I can’t get out of my own way to impliment them. It’s a horrid feeling to get behind something and become so utterly useless because your broken.
                      I have faith that come a full blown launch it’ll be amazing.
                      I’ve got so much in my head for me and for the group. Silly things to inspire and encourage but I can’t bring them to life. It’s like my creativity has been imprisoned.

                      The group is great and people are still submitting. Once the follower count creeps up it’ll be a fantastic place. I only wish I could do more right now.

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                    2. I understand that feeling. I’ve had to retract from offers for groups and submissions just for the reasons you mention. Sometimes despite our desires, no is the healthiest answer. It will be right when yes isn’t questioned.

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                    3. It’s hard enough to maintain your own blog sometimes. I actually have a few new pieces that only went to that site so hopefully when I’m back posting I’ll get that stuff out.
                      As I said lots of ideas… just not quite ready yet.

                      Oh how dangerous our desires are. I hate saying no, especially for something I love but unless I look after myself now… yes might never be an answer I can make again.

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