Not Enough Positivity

A poem about the defiant struggles to find some positivity behind pessimistic thoughts.


Independence Day

Happy 4th of July to all those who celebrate!

Here’s a ReBlog of a little something I wrote last year. Hope you enjoy it and whatever you happen to be doing today!

Cameron D Hamilton

There was a sombre mood, on the military base

We all knew the challenge that soon would be faced

From across the hanger a loud squawk without warning

A man call for attention with a humble “Good Morning”

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Welcome to Launch!

Today marks the launch of PresserPoets. A new blog designed to showcase the remarkable talents of the poetic writers of WordPress. Its a project I’m involved in and I hope it’s something you lovely readers might taken an interest in. Check out the launch here and I hope it might encourage you to submit your own work and grow this new community!


Today we present to you the soft launch of a new WordPress poetry community, aptly named- PresserPoets.

If you visit our home page, you will see a trio of statements that tell you exactly what PresserPoets is all about:

~Quality Poetry~

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