Breaking Walls (A New Beginning)

I didn’t know, that I could fall

Head over heels anymore

I thought that my emotional walls

Were too high, for my heart to soar


I wasn’t sure, that I still could

Allow anyone to get near

Never sure, if their intent was good

So I built, a great wall in fear


I resigned myself, to a despairing fate

That romance, would always go awry

That for me, there’d never be a soul mate

True love, would always pass me by


I didn’t know, that you existed

That someone like you could be found

When my mind was so dark and twisted

Refusing, to believe love abounds


Too long burdened with bad luck

Behind my wall I’d hide

Till cupids arrow, took aim and struck

And you broke your way inside


I thought that I had missed my chance

Till you came to prove me wrong

You showed me the blossoms of romance

And filled, my forgotten heart with song


You’ll never know what it means to me

Showing me how to love again

That passions could soar, romantically free

And escape my cell of lonely pain


I didn’t know, my walls could be broken

Or that anyone would even try

Now gone, my desires have awoken

For a life, together, you and I



Cameron D Hamilton 30/06/2017


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