Vanish Away

When I close my eyes, you come to play

And it really isn’t fair

‘Cause when I open them, you vanish away

Were you ever, even there


Are you nothing, but a flirtatious figment

Dancing around my head

Who always disappears, the very instant

I’m woken from my bed


Who are you, my visitor in the night

One whom I adore

Why must you continue, to fade from my sight

I want to know you more


It might sound rather foolish to romanticise

The dreams within my mind

Yet every single night when I close my eyes

It’s you I hope to find


I wish there was a way that you could stick around

Far longer than you do

I wish you were real and were out there be found

There’s no one I’ve met quite like you



Cameron D Hamilton 29/06/2017


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