Maxed out

This time, I will not rebound

My will to fight, cannot be found

I no longer wish, to make a sound

From now on, I can’t be around


With happiness in perpetual drought

Pessimistic despair, is free to sprout

Its thralls, have truly maxed me out

And I cannot face, another bout


Dreams that I once gleefully chased

Have now been twisted and defaced

Society says, that I’m a waste

So why not choose to be erased


It’s not that I want to disappear

But societies scorn is too severe

It’s begun to be abundantly clear

I’ll never do anything, worthwhile here


And though I’d love to keep defying

The forces against me are fortifying

I don’t belong here, they’ll keep clarifying

So there’s not really, any point in trying


From now on, I won’t be around

I can no longer, make a sound

My will to fight, isn’t to be found

This time, I will not rebound



Cameron D Hamilton


I recently found this poem in an old notepad.  It appears to have been written last year when I was having troubles with a previous job.  It’s quite bleak but I quite like it.  Maybe it’s because I got out of that negative environment, maybe it’s because I’m attracted to despairing poetry.  Whatever the reason, it’s worthwhile posting here rather than imprisoned in a notepad no one will ever see.


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