Brazen Wee Beastie – Scots Edit

[I’ve recently been looking over some of my older work in an attempt to catalogue it better.  I came across this poem that was originally written in September 2016 and was surprised that it wasn’t a Scots language poem.  Given it’s title I naturally assumed that this would have been, but it appears to predate my language experiments.  What follows is my ‘Scots Edit’ and of course I’ll be including an audio recording for those of you who enjoy not understanding what I’m saying in written and spoken word…]



Brazen Wee Beastie


Brazen wee beastie runnin’ aboot ma hoose

Scuttling up walls, far quieter than a mouse

Trespassin intae ma humble domain

Tae escape a torrential downpour o’ rain



Wi lang creepin legs, it scuttles oan its way

Through ma warm dry hame, fir an overnight stay

Tae spot a beastie in flight, fae the rain isny rare

But the size of this wan, fair gave me a scare



It’s aye a bit odd, tae get a wee fright

Despite huvin’ the advantage o’ ma lumbering height

That arrogant arachnid, dusny show ony fear

Bit a big fearty like me, needs tae make it disappear



Thurs aye a frantic scrammle before it gets a chance to hide

‘cause wi bathe ken it dusny, want chucked back ootside

A’ll get it trapped uner a glass, an thats bein nice

Exile that brazen beastie, fae ma domestic paradise



It’s far mare humane o’ me, than squashin’ than wee pest

Aw ma desires tae murder it, are better aff suppressed

It’s no like it cid really, huv done me ony harm

Beyond ma spikin’ blood pressure, raised in alarm



Once that beasties been removed, ma night can carry on

Cast back oot tae the garden, whur spiders dae belong

A’ll prove tae it ma dominion, an aw ma pest control power

Till a find three mare o’f its pals, creeping aboot in ma shower




Cameron D Hamilton 25/06/2017

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this piece.  It was a lot of fun to go back over an old poem and turn it into something new.  If you’d like to read the original, to compare and see the changes, you can find a link to it here.  I’d love to hear your opinions on both of them and I would really like to know which one you prefer more.

This piece was perfect to put a Scots spin on because of the title and I’m curious if you’d like to read more like this.  Please let me know in the comments what you think and if you have a favourite of mine, or maybe even something you’d like me to collaborate on, that could be ‘translated’ into a Scots tongue.  I think I’ll call them my SE collection, either for Special Edition or Scots Edit, depending on how pretentious I want to be.  I’m just playing around with this idea right now but you’re opinions are what keep me innovating.

So please let me know what you think and thanks again for reading!


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