Perils ‘o the Sun


Fir a nation full o’ gingers, we urny that bright

When a warm sun graces oor land

Far tae excitit, tae huv the foresight

O’ the perils, fae oot gettin’ tanned


It’s nae like wur oan, oor summer holidays

Somewhere far mare exotic

At hame it tends to be dull and grey

So the sun can be awfa hypnotic


Thinking oor sunshines no that severe

It gets treated, wi a tonne o’ disrespect

Wur aw too afraid it’ll quickly disappear

So rush oot, an absorb its full effect


See wi get a bit daft, when it comes tae the sun

An furget that its rays can be sare

Neither creams nor lotions get used by onyone

Quite the danger, when yur skins awfa fair


Ocht tae laze in the sun, in swelterin’ heat

In yur own back gairdin, whit a dream

Bit thurs dangers tae be felt, in those rays that beat

If yi dinny wear ony sun cream


Wi think cause wur hame, wu’ll aw be jist fine

It’s say rare, it doesny concern

Taps aff, legs oot, under meltin’ sunshine

Yid think, at least wan o’ us wud learn


Aw thoughts o’ safety melt fae oor heads

When that big baw o’ fires in oor sky

Its nae wunder, wi aw turn a fair shade o’ red

Wioot protection, wi aw burn an fry


Gettin’ turn’t tae a lobster, isny ever the plan

Bit it happens, if yi dinny think wise

It’s the perils o’ a Scot, jist wantin’ a tan

Tae get burnt, oh whit surprise



Cameron D Hamilton 24/06/2017


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