Ode To A Scottish Sun


It’s an awfa rare sight, when the summer sun shines

Doon oan this bonnie wee isle

Wi warm rays tae melt us, it’s proper divine

Whit a shame, it only lasts, a wee while


It might only get up, tae twenty degrees

Bit that’s gid enuf fir us lot

Wur no use tae gettin’, gid weather fir free

An twenty is fair plenty hot


Wi dinny usually spend, much time oot in the gairdin

Bit it’s jumpin’, when the sunshine is here

Tae ignore this gid weather, wuld be an aw mighty sin

Cause it’s fair awfa quick, tae disappear


Wur lucky if it shines, any mare than a week

It’s aw that wu’ll normally get

Till it’s back tae the rain, an weather say bleak

When oor rare wee sun does set



Cameron D Hamilton 23/06/2017


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