There’s A Poem In That #016

[The following is part of my series of four line micro poems.  Today’s collection is themed around facts about going to the movies]


Blink in Sync


Here’s a fact to make you think

Movies goers appear to blink in sync

A study says it happens 30 percent of the time

And its totally true, because its a rhyme



Scorn From Popcorn


Did you know, we mouth the words, on the adverts we read

It helps us, to remember, behavioural science has agreed

But at the movies, it raises, all the advertisers scorn

Because you can’t mouth the words, while eating, your popcorn



Movie and Then Dinner


Dinner and a movie; the traditional first date

Is being done wrong, to which I’ll educate

The cinema should come first and then go to dinner after

And the movie shall become, your conversation starter



Cameron D Hamilton 22/06/2017


4 thoughts on “There’s A Poem In That #016

    1. Thanks so much. I do love this series. It’s fun to strip things back and write something a little self contained. I like to believe all of these are left open and could be developed but they work perfectly just as the four lines.
      I’m really glad you enjoyed this entry… I really need to collect everything on my main page, I’ve got quite a few now after all.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s the one piece of advice I always give on dating. I think it’s also partly wishful thinking if someone would actually agree to join me for a date 😔

      I’m very pleased they made you smile 😊 I love these too, they’ve been my favourite collection so far 💜😄


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