Geo Blocked

Geography turns to a great source of strife

When digital entertainment enters your life

If the show isn’t made in your own back yard

Streaming it online, can become rather hard


Headed to the internets, to watch some TV

You might be annoyed by the image you see

When a banner appears, leaving you shocked

Revealing your region, has been geo blocked


Of all the entertainment that’s on supply

The one that you choose, has been denied

Just because you don’t live, where it was made

Your chosen TV show, will not be played


Region is barely an acceptable excuse

For network televisions, obstructive abuse

So what if a viewer, doesn’t happen to live there

It’s no reason to treat, foreigners so unfair


They says its cause the adverts won’t relate

A perplexing excuse that makes people irate

Couldn’t you could sell, a bunch more ad time

To all the foreign markets, wouldn’t that be fine


No; apparently that’s too much of an endeavour

Which foreign viewers feel, isn’t very clever

Is their hard earned money, not good enough for you

Is that why they’re refused, a fair chance to view


Broadcasters look after their own nations first

So all the foreign markets have to be cursed

Their rational for this, is pathetically feeble

They’re pushing fans to resort, to websites less legal


Netflix and Amazon, show we’re willing to pay

If it means we can get, our favourite stories today

The internet was supposed to make communication better

Break down man made borders and bring us together


The people in charge, are clearly quite deranged

With decision making practices, ridiculously strange

Ignoring foreign markets, doesn’t make any sense

When they’ll vigilantly prosecute, a downloading offence


Can’t they see, that everyone, deserves to be entertained

That this infernal geo block is nothing but a pain

What does it really matter, if foreign fans are betrayed

Those networks couldn’t care, so long as they get paid


And so that dreaded geo block, still lingers and persists

Putting foreign markets, on a digital blacklist

With not a single sign that there’s any change ahead

It might be time to think of moving over there instead



Cameron D Hamilton 21/06/2017


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