Don’t Ask Me Why

And so I say goodbye

For this I cannot bear

Please don’t ask me why

Just know, I’ll always care


And so I say farewell

It’s time I move along

What’s left of me is a shell

Stay; I’m not that strong


And so I’ll say adieu

I no longer want to pretend

I need to escape all of you

All of this, it has to end


And so I’ll take my leave

Withdraw from further pain

Hear these words and believe

You won’t be seeing me again



Cameron D Hamilton 11/05/2017


11 thoughts on “Don’t Ask Me Why

    1. It aches of sadness, I think its co text can be interpreted in many ways but always so sad.
      I’m glad you could see a glimmer of hope in this… I personally don’t read any in it, but I try very hard to live my life with hope. Maybe some snuck in there without me knowing.

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      1. The first time I read it it was from the view of someone ending a relationship that was bad for them, and so there seemed to be some hope in that.
        The other way of reading it is very sad. I hope you’re feeling better. I find writing about pain, when we feel it, can be so beneficial to accepting it’s there and allowing us, in time, to lessen its impact.

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        1. In that context I agree there is certainly hope to be found.
          I’m always in a struggle of good and bad but it does lead to some good poetry.
          Thank you so much for the support, I promise you I’ll be fine… just writing away trying to entertain 😄

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    1. Yeah, I’ve been hanging onto it for a little bit. I’ve really taken to holding these poems back. I like letting some time pass to judge it objectively, whether it’s a piece worthy of publishing. I’ve tossed plenty of scribbles into a bin after realising they were horrible. Useful and therapeutic at the time but in no way fit for an audience

      I really appreciate the hugs ❤ I like hugs… maybe I need more in my life… I should investigate this theory.
      Oh btw if you don’t see me posting for a while it means I’ve been arrested for hugging the wrong person 😋😄

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    1. Of late I’ve had quite a lot of sad pieces trickling out. I really liked how this one turned out despite its theme.

      Onward indeed, there’s certainly no other way worth going 😄

      I don’t have any plans to leave and if I do I would be much clearer with my intent.
      I thought about writing a disclaimer on this one but I couldn’t really explain what it meant. It’s a real mess of emotions and exhaustion.

      For now I’ll be here writing away trying to find new ways to entertain everyone…. well everyone that’s left…. I think my tragic romance series the other week chased alot of people away.

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      1. Meghan Tregellis

        Oh dear! Well I hope brighter days are ahead. Truly the best writing comes from the more negative emotions… I find that even with fiction writing. Don’t worry. I think sometimes people just don’t know what to say.! 🌹

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