Your Ways

The way you speak

Always makes my knees weak

And as I fall to the floor

Oh how my heart soars


The words that you say

Make the world go away

And while it all disappears

Your voice remains clear


The way that you think

Makes me believe we’re in sync

And as I nod and agree

I know that we’re meant to be


The thoughts you posess

Never fail to impress

And the more that you share

The more my heart is ensnared


Th way that you smile

Makes me swoon for a while

And when I’ve regained control

You’ve burrowed into my soul


That smile on your face

Is a privilege you grace

And when you shower it on me

I know who I want to be


The way your eyes gaze

Is enough to amaze

And it opens my mind

To thoughts you’ll be mine


Those sparkles in your eyes

Are treasures that I prize

And they offer me the chance

To dream and hope for romance


The way that you live

Is the gift that you give

And as I aspire to your views

I’m falling hopelessly for you


The life that you lead

Makes me want to succeed

And prove that I’m worthy

To join on your lives journey



Cameron D Hamilton 14/06/2017


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