Come On Over

There’s no need to be shy

I promise it’ll be alright

Come on over and say hi

Trust me, I won’t bite


I may appear, to be a misfit

But I’m not as advertised

Come on over and talk a bit

You may end up surprised


I’ll make to you this guarantee

I’m like no-one you’ve ever met

Come on over and talk to me

Don’t risk, living with regret


Darling, please don’t be afraid

Of speaking with someone new

Come on over and be amazed

I’m waiting just for you


To ignore this chance, would be a crime

I promise you I’m worthwhile

Come on over and spend some time

With someone who’ll make you smile


I can’t promise I’ll be your soul mate

But in truth, how can we know

Come on over and we’ll test fate

All it takes, is one single hello



Cameron D Hamilton 13/06/2017


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