Despite all the ways, I’ve tried to impress

The answer from her, is never a yes

So I’m left with one choice, that’s bound to depress

My feelings for her; I’ll have to suppress


It doesn’t matter how I feel, or how much I care

A relationship with her, is doomed to go nowhere

So to save myself from pain and perpetual despair

I’ll have to walk away, for the good of my welfare


It’s never really mattered, how much I try

My romantic dreams for her will always go awry

So to stop these self inflicted, bitter tears I cry

I’ll have to accept reality and finally say goodbye



Cameron D Hamilton 01/05/2017


6 thoughts on “Finality

        1. Well you’re far stronger than me… im quite the dramatic one with my heart on my sleeve.
          Letting it out in writing is a fantastic way to process and makes art that resonates with so many people.
          We all just need to keep writing away the pains… or at the very least recording them for others to know they’re not alone and we can all survive.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Oh dont yoy worry about me, not all of it is from pain. This past week has been but it was inspired by an incident from the end of April. I just saved them all thr post over a week.
              This week is all very cheesy positive love.
              My writing as you may have noticed jumps all over the place from nonsense to tragic. There is pain and from it there is art.
              As long as I’m writing I’m happy. So I’ll keep doing that 😄💜

              Liked by 1 person

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