Is Silence The Answer

It might be easier for you

To keep me out of sight

Avoid the romantics that I spew

But is it really right


Don’t I deserve, to be told

Or is that too much for you to bare

All of those words that you withhold

Really aren’t, very fair


If you refuse, to speak your mind

A false glimmer of hope will remain

A lingering delusion, unjust and unkind

That only prolongs my pain


To you, the silence might sound great

But it tears me up inside

I can barely, even concentrate

As cowardly you hide


My heart will be broken, regardless

Evading me, is truly perverse

Please tell me the truth, don’t be heartless

Ignoring me, will only, make it worse


It seems, you’ve chosen your answer

But it’s a pretty pathetic reply

So what, if there’s no happily ever after

Am I not, even worth a goodbye


Ignoring me is a selfish choice

But the message, is understood

Is it really so hard, to use your voice

Your silence, does more harm than good


Cameron D Hamilton 09/05/2017

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