Return That Which You Stole

I’d like to make a formal request

Return that which you stole

You’re treacherous thievery does not impress

I’ve no patience, for the lies you extol


You never had the right, to take what you took

Even if I didn’t resist

How was I to know, you turn out to be a crook

And that I could be, so easily dismissed


What once could have been a beautiful gift

You no longer deserve to hold

That privilege sunk, when you left me adrift

Plunged to despair, so cold


It’s clear to me now, that you’ll never care

To hope wouldn’t be very smart

Give back what you took, it really isn’t fair

That you still have a hold on my heart




Cameron D Hamilton 07/05/2017


Image Copyright 2009 Essenza.


10 thoughts on “Return That Which You Stole

    1. I stumbled across it a while back and always wanted to use it with something. This felt perfect. It adds a horrid dynamic, the startling imagine to match the emotions.
      If there were ever an image to describe my heart that would be it.

      Liked by 1 person

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