Never Learn

She’s never returned my amorous affections

Yet her love is what I yearn

She’s made it clear with her numerous rejections

And still I never learn


Every time, she reappears into my life

I always chase her away

By looking at her, like she’ll be my wife

And all of the dumb things that I say


My feelings for her are way too intense

It’s hard to keep them contained

Despite being born of innocent intents

They’ve left our friendship strained


She deserves to be treated with way more respect

Not as an object of lusts

With my unwanted romantics, what should I expect

When our relationship crumbles to dust


Cameron D Hamilton 04/05/2017


2 thoughts on “Never Learn

  1. Meghan Tregellis

    Aw! There is always a risk turning a friendship into a romance. If it doesn’t work, the friendship could be lost aw well. I’m glad you gave us the disclaimer the other day – that you’d be posting the sad poetry. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I always find taking the risk is a bravery choice… Sadly not once has it worked it.
      Thr disclaimer was really necessary as this week is really quite despairing. Next week is going to be a complete contrast but I figured seen as I had 7 poems like this I’m just gonna go for it.


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