Another Dream

Another dream passes by

Lost into the night

Love will once more be denied

No matter how I fight


Another dream, to disappear

That didn’t truly start

Left with a painful souvenir

A break upon my heart


Another dream, floats away

One of grand romance

And though the memories do stay

They never had a chance


Another dream, unrealised

The disappointment is hard to conceal

And though it may be idolised

It was never truly real



Cameron D Hamilton 02/05/2017


Written at the beginning of May this piece kicks off a series of tragic love poetry. All seven poems this week were inspired by a moment of stupidity that I’m happy to say is behind me.  It did however spawn a bunch of poetry so why not turn it into something for the blog.  I felt like I needed to add this little disclaimer because the dates will be jumping around on these.

I hope no-one reading over the course of the week gets annoyed by the despairing tone of all these broken hearted poems.  If it makes you feel any better I have another week long series to follow this one that’s all about sickly sweet positive romance.


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