In The Grasp Of Anxiety

Oh the hilarity, what a wonderful joke

A very poor start to my day

Woken to anxiety with its merciless choke

And it looks, like it’s going to stay


Oh what dreams, I must have had

To wake, to so much panic

Forgotten nightmares, despicably bad

Which have me, fearfully frantic


Oh my mind, is awfully cruel

With the horrors it does inflict

When it attacks, I feel such a fool

As my life, it does so constrict


Oh, it truly isn’t fair

To begin the day like this

No chance for me, to even prepare

Before falling, to the anxious abyss


Oh I’m not sure, how I’ll get through

This attack inflicted on me

I simply don’t know what I can do

To escape, its grasp and be free



Cameron D Hamilton 03/06/2017


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