Disappearing Act

I think it’s time that I explain

Why sometimes, I disappear

Why it gets so hard to entertain

Why I’ve, not really been here


I get so caught up in my despair

That all I do, is moan and groan

To subject you to that isn’t very fair

It’s better, if I’m just left alone


I don’t want to burden anyone

With the unpleasant thoughts in my head

Trust me, they aren’t any fun

So I choose to hide them instead


It might not be the wisest choice

Hiding those pains I feel

But I’d rather not torture you, with my voice

When the world, around gets too real


My balance, has never been all that steady

Sometimes, I fall apart

So I hide away, until I’m ready

Returning, when I think it’s smart


I know, it’s foolish to run away

From such a supportive space

Sometimes, it’s too hard for me to stay

And admit, all the troubles I face


Everyone has their own way to cope

I know that mine doesn’t impress

Sometimes it helps and I truly hope

My disappearing, hasn’t caused you distress


Though this explanation is overdue

I’m not sure, if it makes any sense

It’s just that thing, I always do

When my life, gets way too intense



Cameron D Hamilton 01/06/2017


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