An Exhausted Request

[Regular readers might be aware of my ongoing micro poetry series, ‘There’s a Poem in That’. It’s a collection of four line poems, or the odd limerick, written to a theme and posted in batches of three.  The idea behind this series is the poems are all self contained, but could possibly be taken further.  To date, I’ve not attempted this but after my earlier post about my sisters’ puppy, I wanted to expand on one. If you haven’t seen the latest ‘There’s a Poem in That’ you can find it here and what follows is the extended version of ‘An Exhausted Request’.  I hope you enjoy…  ]


An Exhausted Request – Extended


Do you mind if I sleep upon your feet

I promise I won’t be a pest

It’s been a long day, I’m utterly beat

And they look a nice place to rest


I don’t have the energy left to stand

How could you ever say no

Your foot is where I want my head will land

My nose, nestled in by your toes


I’m all exhausted and tuckered out

And my bed is so far away

Your feet, are the comfiest things about

Oh please, won’t you let me stay


I just need to rest, for a moment or two

My life can be such a chore

I promise, I’ll barely even bother you

As I fall asleep on the floor


I hope you’re not planning on getting up

I’d love to doze here for a while

It’s the perfect spot, for this tired wee pup

And I know, laying here, makes you smile



Cameron D Hamilton 19/05/2017


snowball in bed.jpg


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