Into The Garden

Basking under the warn sunlight

In the garden, is where I write

With not another soul around

Serene, without a single sound


The sunshine, always does entice

A trip, to my personal paradise

Enclosed and cut off from real life

A perfect escape, from troubles and strife


Secluded, under the shade of a tree

Allowing the day to inspire me

With no idea, of what I’ll create

Under this sun, I’m happy to wait


I can’t say I’ll mind, if I don’t write at all

These rays beating down, have all my thoughts stalled

Today, I may not craft, a poetic masterpiece

Instead, I might enjoy, a rare moment of peace



Cameron D Hamilton 18/05/2017


8 thoughts on “Into The Garden

  1. Wonderful, Cameron….a nice reminder. On some days, of which this morning is proving to be one, i have to remind myself of the sentiment here. Enjoy the universe…the writing will happen when it will.

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    1. Sometimes I get a really nice day and it’s like I’m forcing myself to be productive to make the most of it rather than just laying back and letting everyrhing melt away. The writing does come and even if it doesn’t it’s still be a great day.
      I hope you’re day gets even nicer… Sadly mine are done, we only get 3 a year in Scotland so they’ve all been used up 😄

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    1. I struggle with it because weather like that is so rare in these parts that I wanna make thr most of it. Of course stressing and pushing myself isn’t gonna help and it’s no going to make my day great.
      Just relax… feel the sunshine caress your skin… be happy and words will come… or not but maybe ice cream will 😄🍦

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