A Disservice

Don’t you dare, give up yet

It may become, a great regret

You owe yourself so much more

Don’t bolt shut, another door


Don’t you dare decide, to run away

It’ll cause your confidence to decay

Take some time to think it through

Please put, a little more faith in you


Don’t you dare, refuse to try

Don’t be so quick to say goodbye

There’s so much that you can achieve

If only, you choose, to believe


Don’t you dare, assume you’ll fail

Stop telling yourself, such negative tales

Its understandable that you’re nervous

But giving up now, would be a disservice



Cameron D Hamilton 17/05/2017


7 thoughts on “A Disservice

    1. Oh it’s certainly unique 🙃 ❤
      I’m really pleased you liked it. It’s some advice I needed to hear. Regardless of the failed result advice like this helps. Just try… if it doesn’t work well you were prepared but if it does… well that’s what makes it worthwhile

      Liked by 1 person

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