Farewell Dear Companion

I think I may have lost, a wonderful friend

A companion on whom, I did truly depend

There through the best and worst of times

To this writer, the greatest, partner in crime


We’ve been composing together, so incredibly long

Forging, a poetic bond, of emotions written strong

Revealing to me the questions, of an inquisitive mind

And showing me the answers, to which I was blind


By my side, you’ve made me, the man I am today

But I can’t seem to stop you, from quickly fading away

Try as I might, I just don’t know what to do

I lack all of the skills, needed to save you


Though we never spoke any, of our words out loud

I hope when you think, of our work, you were proud

There was nothing together that we couldn’t create

And now, there is nothing, as you succumb to fate


Though I loath to admit it, I know you’ve gotten rather old

But we’ve still got lots of stories that deserve to be told

This silence doesn’t suit you and does so terrify

My dear faithful companion, it’s too soon to say goodbye


So today I’ll be weeping for my most intimate a friend

Whose life is at risk of coming to an end

And as I realise I might, have to say a farewell

I’m not sure, the despair, of your loss, could be quelled



Cameron D Hamilton 10/05/2017


This poem was written last week after the events of my laptop suffering a start up error.  I thought I had lost not only my entire world of writing and 10 years worth of a podcast library but also a dear friend.

Though the situation has been temporarily resolved, I know that our time together will be short so I wanted to post this poem anyway.  I think it’s a touching piece for anyone that’s lost something important in this technological age.  I also wanted it to be the first piece I typed up as a way of saying to my laptop that it was missed and the loss hit me very hard.  Silly and sentimental I know, but I write about that all the time.


4 thoughts on “Farewell Dear Companion

  1. wow, I mean wow really. I LOVE IT. I enjoy your reading your posts and find them inspiring, now Im no prefessional blogger but your work is amazing. This was deep to the point that I had tears in my eyes. Can definitely relate, reminds me of when my cell phone drowned in Zanzibar, may it rest in peace.

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    1. Thank you so much! It really does make me smile to receive such an encouraging comment. I’m really pleased you enjoy my work. I’ve only be at this a year and I means the world that you’ve taken to it.

      This is a piece I think alot of people will be able to relate to. We have so many gizmos and gadgets that have attached themselves to our lives that when they go your world falls apart.
      I hope you didn’t lose too much from the loss of your phone… I know over been very lucky to get my life back.


    1. Thank you so much ❤
      For the moment everything is back to working order but I know it’s only temporary. The good thing is I have all my files so even if it’s body goes again it’s memories will travel with me… just in a new case.
      At the time this was written I had no idea what would happen next. I think it’s a fear we all have with tech. I’m certainly going to be extra vigilant.

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