A Writers Relief

Let me tell you a story about a man and his writing companion…
One glorious may afternoon a scruffy man of middle aged body and elderly mind was mired in tragedy.  His faithful writing companion had taken ill. Having planned to spend the sunshine filled afternoon writing in the garden, this unexpected event did not sit well with him. 
It was off the the local hospital for his companion to be seen to but alas it was closed. He’d have to wait a week till they finished a refurbishment… but it would be a mistake.  For you see this was no hospital, it was part of the commercial machine that has infected all life. Far too concerned with selling new shiny fixes rather than attending to the needs of that companion in need. Figures were quoted that were ridiculous, especially seen as the staff wouldn’t even look and that poor ailing companion. Irked and with arrogance the rapidly aging man took it upon himself to try and help his beloved friend.
Sadly this would not work out in his favour.  A little bit of knowlege can be a dangerous thing. A little bit of arrogance doesn’t help matters either. T’was off to the Internets to find an answer and a way to help his friend but even with all the guides and all the tools, nothing would work. He begged and he pleaded with his friend to return to life and join his once more writing tales of whimsy… but there was no life to be had.
A deep and dark depression hit the man, still young enough to be calling himself old. It took over his very being. He shunned the beauty of the day outside. He banished his friends while he took time to mourn and figure out his next step. Filled with a great despair for that loss he couldn’t ever conceive of. A life that he shared with that companion was gone… no… it was trapped. Though the life was gone from his compains body, the memories were in tact. He might have not been able to liberate them but there may still be someone out there who could help. Someone of talents superior to his own. Someone who possessed the touch of magic. It was all he could think of as the spiral of depression took a firm grasp on him.
The youngish man who now looked old and haggered from the inability to sleep would spend the long night alone researching potential doctors to aid his lifeless companion. He would find one close by and took off first thing thr following morning to enlist the doctors aid… but it was not as it seemed. The office was located in a residential area. Nothing but homes, no sign to say welcome. Nothing to say that help could be given here. Logical fear took hold of the man and he left that place. It was too good to be true.

Sinking once more to despair he headed for home. Dejected and still alone. Yet something in him would not give up on his friend, his ever loving and wondeful companion. Once more he’d scour the area for aid till he happened upon a humble shack.  Half devoted to fishing and the other half to his medical needs the man had found someone who confidently assessed his friends condition. Alas it was not good news
The doctor in the humble shack discovered that the ever faithful writing companion had developed a fault. Using his high tech wizardry the doctor was sure he could help but had to do some tests. The man now frantic with anxiety sat patiently in the waiting room. His friend was gone but with the memories he could help his friend live on and find new life together. 
It couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes but it felt like an hour till the doctor returned. He had good news and strange news. Those memories that the two companions made writing together were saved and able to be seen and felt again… but so was the tearful mans companions.
Whatever wizardry this doctor had performed to identify a fault had also reconstituted the very being of that writing companion. It was a miracle of the highest order and one worthy of reward. The doctor had no interest in such things but agreed to the sum of five pounds. Less that deserved for he had reunited a pair of friends together once more.
Though it may only be for a short time that man and his companion will spend it happily together. Making new terrific tales, new rhymes of romance and weaving whimsy where ever they go.

For any readers who saw my last post you’ll know if been having laptop issues as of late. Today i’ve been given a new lease on life… or rather my laptop has. It was suffering a startup error and with a little scan from a helpful repairman he was able to get me back up and running. All my in progress work is saved as are the completed pieces I’ve yet to publish here. As of tomorrow I should be back to my regularly scheduled nonsense.

Thanks to all the people who reached on in my very first world time of need. If I could impart a lesson unto you all from what I’ve learned, NEVER trust chain retail stores. They just want to price gouge you. Find a friendly local business… they know what they’re doing!

Oh… Yeah… and back up your data regularly on multiple drives.

Until tomorrow fair readers…


11 thoughts on “A Writers Relief

    1. It truly is. I’ve been sat all afternoon taking everyrhing off and backing up my data. Still got a few hours left before its done but I’m so happy to have my laptop back. If only for a little while before it properly dies

      Liked by 1 person

    1. If there is a word beyond relieved that’s me.
      I hope this does serve as advice to watch out and protect what you love. it’s definitely made me extra vigilant.

      I actually lost the drive to do anything so now it’s back I’ve been doing so much. I’ve already got a 7 day series set up and I’m working through all my scribbled to get them format ready for putting out.
      As ever I can’t promise the content or quality will be astounding but it’ll definitely be my ever nonsensical voice 😄

      Thank you for the kindness and encouragement!! ❤

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