A Writers Despair 

This morning I woke to a beautiful a rare sunshine filled Scottish day. The plan was to go sit in my garden and happily write the day away. Sadly it would not be.

My trusted writing companion, my little laptop has decided today it no longer wants to be my friend. 

I was greeted by a start up error, apparently something has become corrupt and it won’t boot up. I need a disk to repair it. I don’t have this. I bought my laptop from my old office 6 years ago when they were shutting down. All I got was the charger and the laptop. No disk. Sure it’s been 6 years and xp hasn’t been supported since 2014 but my little laptop has plodded along nicely for my writing.

As a result I’ve lost access to 8 pieces of poetry I was working on, plus my entire catalogue hasn’t been backed up in while so there lots lost there too.

The only store in town that does computer repair is closed until Friday due to a refurbishment. 

So here I am utterly dazed with no idea what to do. For now I fear this blog may become quiet for a while as I try to recover everything I’ve lost.


9 thoughts on “A Writers Despair 

  1. Oh no so sorry! It’s still a beautiful day…grab a pen and paper and find some shade to write away the day! That does suck! Did you try jumpstarting with the power cord in place? I had a IBM that wouldn’t start until after it was plugged in for about 10 mins. Finicky old thing. Hope you find something enjoyable to do!

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    1. I think that might be the best idea. I do like paper and pen but I’m so annoyed about all the stuff I was working on that’s now trapped.
      The good news is the harddrive isn’t damaged so all I need is a hand getting the files transferred to another computer.
      It very much seems like it’s body has died but the memories of its life can live on…. if only the bloody store wasn’t closed.
      I’ve been trying fixes for the past hour and nothings working. It’s a wee shame… not the best start to my day.

      Paper and pen it shall be… Can’t let it ruin the rare sunshine I get here… but I may not be able to properly update the blog for a while

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    1. That’s the only silver lining… but waiting till friday when the store opens back up is torture… Its not like I’m cut off its just I want to get back to work.
      I love paper and pen and have got a few things I’m scribbling about so I’m still being productive…. I jus cant type up and format which really sucks

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    1. Sadly not.
      The PC store wants to charge £300 just got data recovery, wouldn’t eve look at it in store and didn’t even talk about repairing the start up fault.
      I tried to repair it today and I’ve failed.
      It’s actually quite depressing now. I know I have a lot of work published here but there’s more I haven’t. I have a new person to contact but I won’t hear anything till Monday.
      Right now I’m in a weird spiral feeling like I’ve lost myself. Not fun.

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        1. That’s what I’ve been trying today. I have an adaptor but because it’s an older operating system it’s coming into conflict with the other laptop.

          In theory I know how to fix it. In practice it’s quite difficult. I’m hoping I get some answers Monday but until then I’m really struggling to focus. I’ll get my files back but I could buy a new laptop for £300. Sure my files are important but I have limited funds and I resent price gouging the vulnerable.

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