A Hermits Heart

The life of a hermit, is what I prefer

But when our eyes met, I belonged to her

That I’m happy alone, is a clear delusion

I have to cast off, my life of seclusion


With her dazzling glance, she makes me feel brave

Enough for this hermit, to venture out his cave

By the sparkle in her eyes, I truly feel alive

Too long has this hermit, let romance be denied


It’s impossible to remain, hidden under a cloak

Now the romantics of my heart have finally awoke

In her eyes I can see, the truth of what life can be

If we were together, in love hopelessly


Though my body may tremble, with anxious fears

It’s worth it to have that amazing girl near

I need to put a stop, to all of this hiding

And allow my heart, to do the deciding



Cameron D Hamilton 07/05/2017


8 thoughts on “A Hermits Heart

    1. Awww thank you. I got into a sweet cycle for a few days but it hasn’t lasted and the heartache ones will be back in force. Ahahaha

      I’m glad you enjoyed this… I really love that line. it pretty much sums up everything of what I want.

      Liked by 1 person

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