Stop Talking To Me



Huv yi actually got ony work tae get done

Aw yuv done is huv a gid natter

Am no complainin’ that yer no ony fun

But gonnae bewheshed wi yer chatter


Can yi mibys stop prattlin’ oan at me

An gonnae stop makin’ me laugh

Nae mare o’ yer tale full o’ whimsy

Or wu’ll be faced wi the big bosses wrath


C’mon yi nuisance, wu’ll yi gee it a rest

Leave me tae get oan wi ma wurk

Yer fair becomin’ an awfa wee pest

An yi know it, a can tell fae yer smirk


Here you! Are yi gonnae shut yer gob

Before the boss man appears

Am no huvin’ yi cost me ma job

Even if it sounds gi tae ma ears


Am jist a bit feart o’ gettin’ caught

Cuz am sure thurs plenty tae do

But a canny ignore yer marvellous thoughts

Aw yer weird and wonderful views


Oan and oan, it never ends

Aye wi mare nonsense tae spout

An a’d be lying if a try’t tae pretend

A dinny like whit talkin’ about


Right, that’s it, a’ve hud enough

Am done wi wurkin’ theday

Am way mare interested in aw o’ the stuff

That mouth of yours does eloquently say



Cameron D Hamilton 05/05/2017


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