Nine to Five

I’ve never really, had the drive

For a standard, nine to five

And though financially, I thrive

I’m not sure, if I will survive


The job I have, does not impress

All it does, is give me stress

The daily grind, likes to oppress

The creative passions, I possess


The office life, it is a pain

To wake each morning, is a strain

Far too, imaginatively insane

To put up with, all of the mundane


I just don’t think, this life’s for me

And I’m sure my manager would agree

I’m not a particularly bad employee

But I’d be better off, artistically free


Every single day, this job does bore

I need something that offers more

A place of work, I can adore

Where my artistic wings can soar


This nine to five does not permit

The eccentric desires, of this misfit

So does it make me a hypocrite

That I’m still here and haven’t quit



Cameron D Hamilton 04/05/2017


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