Poetry of a Banking Advisor

[The following poems were written during an induction training course for a job in the world of banking.  As part of the product knowledge learning I was assigned topics with a group but instead of learning anything I got bored and ended up writing poems.  The first poem came about when looking into the borrowing facilities the bank offered and the second is about a home protection service.  I’m collecting them here today simply because they’re a bit of stupid fun and it proves that if you put your mind to it, you can write poems about anything.  I hope you readers enjoy, but I would advise you go elsewhere if you’re looking for financial advice]



Borrow a Loan


When you just don’t have the cash to hand

Your friendly banker might have a few grand

When you need to find some money now

Your friendly banker will figure out how


A loan might be the thing you need

From all those debts you will be freed

Lifting off any financial weight

At a rather reasonable interest rate


A sum of money you’ll later pay back

That’ll help you get into the black

Or maybe even pay for a holiday

It’s yours to spend, so don’t delay



Protect Your Home


Have you ever went to relax in a bath

To be met by your broken boilers wrath

Foot plunging into freezing water

Shocked, you though it would be much hotter


Have you ever had movie night with some friends

To discover, the TV’s life is at an end

Flooding with tears, on your knees you grieve

Friends disgusted, as they get up and leave


An unprotected home is a potential threat

So listen up dear, don’t live in regret

It’s time you got some security back

So why not add on, our home protection pack



Cameron D Hamilton 03/05/2017


16 thoughts on “Poetry of a Banking Advisor

    1. Oh it really is. I’m truly wasting my time there and losing my mind.
      I won’t be long for that place… or this world if something doesn’t change.
      In the mean time I shall try to be artistic and hopefully give people a smile 😊
      So really please you enjoyed them… They’re so dumb but we’re alot of fun to write 😄

      Liked by 1 person

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