A Lack of Training

With an absence of any concern

If his students actually learn

With no support, it will overwhelm

When there’s no trainer, present at the helm


This course being run, is sheer craziness

As the trainer indulges, all his laziness

Never with a clear plan for the day

Just waiting it out, till his students go away


He’s clearly succumb, to lethargy

And offers no hint, of an apology

His lack of guidance is shockable

As he does, as little as possible


His students are desperate to succeed

For a little education, they all do plead

The trainer doesn’t feel, he needs to share

He’s lost the will and emotion to care


Barely recognising his student existence

Ignoring their pleas, for any assistance

Claims he’s treating them like adults

But this lack of attention, is a clear insult


When he speaks, it’s as if, it’s done in spite

Never quite sure, if what he says is right

Making it all up, as he goes along

Never caring, if what he’s saying is wrong


And even after, so much, justifiable complaining

He continues to provide, a sheer lack of training

His students have an ever growing concern

If they’ll ever be given, an actual chance to learn


How can employers, expect any retention

Without giving, any legitimate, teaching attention

What kind of service, will that ultimately provide

If your training staff, are ill equipped to guide




Cameron D Hamilton 02/05/2017


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