Inevitiable Complaint

I tire of showing respectful restraint

Dealing with you is a chore

I’m not overly fond of making a complaint

But I can be silent no more


I don’t believe in making a fuss

But you’re pushing me way too far

I’ve got some issues we need to discuss

It’s time that they’re on your radar


Though the voice I use may be brusk and stern

I deserve this chance to speak

Your conduct has caused me great concern

My opinion, of your company is bleak


I’ve got a hell of a lot that I need to say

So I hope that you’re prepared

I’m not here, to put a downer on your day

But your company won’t be spared


Please take your time to listen to me

I don’t want to have to repeat

Ignore and you’ll prove your company to be

No more than a swindler, a cheat


Do you think, that you can resolve my compliant

Can you show me a little respect

Don’t waste my time, telling me your constraints

Your customer service neglect


I hope when it’s finally your turn to speak

You’ve something useful to say

Don’t even dare, giving me any cheek

I’m in no mood for the games that you play


I’m not interested, in receiving compensation

I don’t want anything for free

I’d prefer that you address my humiliation

I’d like, an apology


Do you understand why, I’ve been brought to the brink

Can you accept that I’ve been aggrieved

So tell me, now you’ve heard, what do you think

About the treatment that I’ve received




Cameron D Hamilton 01/05/2017


3 thoughts on “Inevitiable Complaint

    1. The worst of it is your standard workforce are rarely the problem. it’s the ones in the board rooms who couldn’t care less.
      Customer service is poor because the customers are horrid, the people there to help them can’t because there bosses are idiots…. but they don’t care they have the big paychecks and don’t need to speak to anyone.

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