Crisis of Worth

Why am I here
Do I actually belong
Should I just disappear
My presence, feels wrong

Have I ever shown
This world any good
As I mutter and moan
That I’m misunderstood

I can’t figure out
What I’m meant to be
With growing self doubts
Of what it means to be me

No matter what I try
There’s obstacles to face
Never a reason why
I cannot find my place

It’s certainly no fun
Struggling with this
Am I the only one
That can’t find any bliss

Changing my attitude
Doesn’t seem to work
Thoughts still remain rude
My conscious is a jerk

I’m unable to delude
The doubts filling my head
Vain attempts to elude
Merely tug on bleak new threads

And so it does persist
An unending crisis of worth
Unsure why I exist
To walk upon this earth



Cameron D Hamilton 30/04/2017


6 thoughts on “Crisis of Worth

    1. I never think anyone is created wrong or indeed anyone lives a life that is wrong…. its just trying to find a sense of worth in a society in which priorities are confused. It can be very difficult when you don’t subscribe to the norm

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