Do I Remain

In a crowd, yet isolated

Pushed out to the side

Can’t shake thoughts I’m hated

So in this crowd I hide


It’s clear that I do not belong

What with all of the distain

Unable to find a way to get along

So why do I remain


Would they all rather I just disappear

Am I better off alone

Never felt very welcome to be here

King atop a disregarded throne


I never wanted this lonely crown

Maybe its time I go away

What’s the point of being around

If all these people don’t want me to stay


It’s time I find a place less complicated

Give up on this life, just leave

From this crowd I feel so isolated

And unwelcome, or so I believe



Cameron D Hamilton 29/04/2017


6 thoughts on “Do I Remain

  1. Desolate. “King atop a disregarded throne” speaks to rejection, isolation. I can relate to your poem. Feeling invisible, overlooked. Its such a sad poem. As you say… uncomplicated – search for simple. Its so much easier. Hope these past few days have you feeling a bit better

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    1. I still in a weird space but I’ll find my way out of it in time.
      I think it’s a rather relatable poem to anyone that harbours thoughts they’re overlooked and unnecessary. I truly need to have a little less complications in my life… im sure I’m not the only one 😔


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