Lack of Sleep

I don’t know what to make

Of all this sleepless ache

Will there ever be a break

I so tire of being awake


I don’t know what to do

Why I cannot sleep tonight

I only wish I knew

What’s causing my slumberless plight


I don’t know how I’m coping

Without any night time peace

Sleepless, but still I’m hoping

There’s time to find some relief


I don’t know how I’m going to fare

When the morning sunlight comes

Window catching the new dawns glare

While I’m restless, exhausted and numb


I don’t know if I’ll survive the day

Sluggish and un-rested

No energy to run and play

Insomnia, has me bested



Cameron D Hamilton 28/04/2017


12 thoughts on “Lack of Sleep

    1. It’s an absolute nightmare. I go through bouts of it, have done since I was about 18.

      Yesterday’s poem was actually inspired by a friend of mine wanting her husband to wake up… he however was in the right… she was up way too early, ahahaha

      Even when im not being attacked by insomnia I have troubles waking up most days. That’s mostly because I’m not inspired to when it’s a work day and I’m too excited to sleep when in off work so I end up tossing and turning all night and having to sleep in cause I never fell asleep til 2am.

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    1. It seems like it’s inescapable. no warning it appears and deprives you of being. I wonder how I make it through the day when it hits badly.

      I however can live with it, for you my dear I wish you sleep. Slumber and soft delicate dreams. I’ll take on that sinister nemesis for us all.

      Liked by 1 person

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