Frustrated Girl

Frustrated girl, far too much in her head
Cursing, she’s got to get out of her bed
Never gives herself a moment of peace
From her frustrations she needs a release


frustrated girl, always on the move
Acting like she’s got something to prove
She’s in desperate need of taking a rest
From those frustrations that she does detest


frustrated girl, look after yourself
All this frustration isn’t good for your health
You might believe that there’s  to do
But you need to remember to take time just for you



Cameron D Hamilton 26/04/2017


Inspired by a conversation with J


Image credit Sarahi Ontiveros


12 thoughts on “Frustrated Girl

    1. Awww, thank you so much ❤
      It’s a great little piece of almost pleading writing trying to remind that girl to slow down and look after herself. I think in a way I wrote it for myself… but didn’t want to admit it so made it about a girl 😄
      I’m really pleased yoy enjoyed it. Was a quick bit of inspiration and I think it came out really well

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Seems to be, we all need to look after ourselves but get caught up in doing too much and stressing ourselves.
      I’m glad you could relate to this and I hope it gives that little reminder to slow down every once and a while


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