Tireless Tapping

Rhythmically rapping

Those feet, not at rest

Tirelessly tapping

Becoming a pest


A cinematic distraction

Down a few seats

There’s no satisfaction

From those madding beats


Attention is broken

It’s hard to concentrate

My ire is awoken

Feet pattering frustrate


A movie going child

That cannot sit still

With appendages wild

Pulsating like a drill


His pace does increase

Bashing down to the floor

No sign of any peace

From that child, I abhor


His mother’s not concerned

By the growing annoyance

How will this child learn

From parental avoidance


Would it be seen as wrong

To reveal my disgust

It’s gone on far too long

Stopping it is a must


Silently I’m seething

Born of being polite

Afraid that any speaking

Will make his mother bite


I can tell that she’s the sort

That would rush to his defence

If I made attempts to thwart

This auditory offence


Though he may be young of age

Money has been spent

Must control all righteous rage

Yet the tapping wont relent


No choice but to grin and bear

This movie theatre disrespect

Though the tireless tapping is unfair

He’s a child, what should I expect




Cameron D Hamilton 25/04/2017


6 thoughts on “Tireless Tapping

    1. Sometimes…. especially with a superhero movie or something pop cultury enough a kid will want to go see the movie and the parent is dumb enough to take them knowing full well they can sit still.
      This is what home video is for 😧

      Liked by 1 person

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