Auditory Flirtations

When she speaks my heart does soar

Sparking waves of electric sensation

A voice I cannot help but adore

That sings with daring inspiration


In her melodies I’m enthralled

Fallen into fascination

All idle thoughts are stalled

She’s won over my full concentration


Charmed to hear her thoughts

When invited into conversation

Stomach twisted, tied in knots

By simple, communication


I wonder if she is aware

Of her auditory flirtations

Of my ever enchanted stares

And my quiet infatuation



Cameron D Hamilton 24/04/2017


19 thoughts on “Auditory Flirtations

        1. Well thank you so very much, at least all the romantics don’t go to waste

          oh… wouldn’t it be an irony if when that special one appears I’ve spent all my romantics and have nothing left to give… huh that sounds like an interesting concept…. I should develop that idea into something.
          I’m not sure if you inspired me or I inspired myself there…. regardless you still flatter me ❤

          Liked by 1 person

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