To Be Welcome


Say many years ago, in a bar o’ youthful days

A yung lad hud dreams o’ being selt

A boy o’ brazen charms sadly wuldny get his way

Far tae yung, or so he wiz telt


Wan by wan aw his pals hud gotten a drink

But luck wulny shine on his turn

A pare wee soul, who’s heart did go an sink

When his attempt, tae get a beer, wiz spurn’t


Youth wiz written aw ower his face

Fir ony bar wench it wiz plain to see

Nae welcome, chucked oot; wi nae a semblance o’ grace

Nae reward, fir that lad, fair gutsy


His pals raised thur drinks as he wiz marched oot

Toasting thur fallen comrade

Glasses in the air, a ‘sober salute’

Tae that lad, wishin he culd o’ stayed


Cast oot wi nae a plan fir the rest o’ his night

Headed in the direction o’ hame

When his gaze fell upon the most remarkable sight

A wee lass, rejected much the same


Sharing thur woes fir nights bathe ruin’t

Laughter o’ laments filled the air

Though thur pals wur buzy wi alcoholic amusements

This wee pair, flung thegither, culdny care


A night at the pub that didny really go as planned

Saved by meeting this fair stunner

Wanderin’ through the night, hand grazing hand

That yung lads sunken heart did aflutter


Aye t’wuld be nice tae huv stayed wi thur pals

But neither hud ony regrets

If bathe o’ thum stayed in thur boozy locale

Thurs a chance they might never huv met


He’d never huv thought it wuld turn oot this way

Tae be sober, an meet a lass so devine

An wi a seductive whisper, she’d unexpectedly say

If yi want, yi’d be welcome back at mine



Cameron D Hamilton 23/04/2017


15 thoughts on “To Be Welcome

    1. Why thank you my dear. I hope the reading adds to it as well.
      This actually started off in proper English but I flipped it after the first stanza. I think it works better in Scots.
      I’m just glad you enjoyed it, it’s quite the romantic little whimsy

      Liked by 1 person

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