Is there a way, for us to reconnect

Or is everything we had, utterly wrecked

Is there a way, that we could still be friends

Or has my inattention, brought us to an end


I know that it’s been, quite a while

Since we last spoke and share a smile

All this neglect, really isn’t fair

When it’s clear in my heart that I still truly care


I don’t know how I allowed it to get like this

Afraid to speak, to a person I miss

Scared to reach out, in case you feel harassed

By an inattentive, unwanted, ghost from your past


Is there a chance, that you’d still want to speak

Or would saying hello, cause you to freak

I wouldn’t be surprised if you had moved on

For all I know, to you, our friendship is gone


Is there a way for us to reconnect

After all of my foolish, neglectful disrespect

I wish that I knew, how you would react

Come the day I find the courage, to get in contact


reconnecting recticule


Cameron D Hamilton 22/04/2017


8 thoughts on “Reconnecting

      1. Think of the event/situation within the context of the entire life span of your existence. In that great expanse of time will one moment of embarrassment change the course of your life in a negative way? I would imagine if you said nothing, twenty years from now you would regret not speaking up. And twenty years from now if you DID experience an embarrassment, you’d possibly laugh the experience off. Its all relative. Try not to let fear cheat you out of something good. When I’m scared of something (that’s basically ALL THE TIME….) I ask myself the question “will I die”. While there is a possibility you may die of embarrassment, it won’t actually kill you. Be brave, breathe and follow your gut ❤

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        1. That’s some damn good advice! At thr end of the day it doesn’t really matter…. those people I’ve lost contact with aren’t part of my life now and if they don’t want to be anymore it changes nothing.
          I guess I’m just bad for letting fears rule, clouding my judgement. Of course my judgement is already suspect to begin with what with the eccentric insanity.
          Thank you for thr encouragement and words of wisdom my dear ❤

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    1. …and in my experience am never rewarded when I do reconnect. It’s always a bring desire but you often get the reminder that maybe they drifted for a reason. Sadly for me that reason is they just don’t want me around anymore…. if they ever truly did

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