Romantically Courageous

Who amongst you might fancy a date

A chance to test, your romantic fate

Speak up, don’t be afraid, to hold out your hand

And embark upon a journey, romantically grand


Don’t be shy it’s time, for you to be brave

To your fear of the unknown, please don’t be a slave

Speak up and my attention will be squarely on you

Undivided and enchanted by everything you do


I know it might feel, a little bit like gambling

Especially with the way, I’m eccentrically rambling

Speak up and I promise, it won’t be a regret

Come with me and we’ll make marvellous duet


Don’t be swayed by thoughts that this speech is pathetic

In my quest for romance, I’m unapologetic

Speak up; if there’s a chance, you might feel the same

If you’re tired of all the ‘players’, bored of their games


So who amongst you might be up for a date

Who amongst you, is looking for a soul mate

Speak up; don’t miss out, on a bit of romance

Trust me, it’s definitely, worth it to chance




Cameron D Hamilton 20/04/2017


22 thoughts on “Romantically Courageous

  1. Keep walking out to the ramparts and raising that flag, Cameron. Someone will see it from far away and it may take some time for them to get to you….but there is a strength in having faith. It’s a shame that it is cliche’ but it is true that every soul has a match…multiple matches some times. It’s just whether Fate decides to step in and usher us towards those souls with the most to offer.

    Never stop trying, Sir.

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    1. Thank you so much for the support. It always means alot when people can appreciate the call for romance.
      Fate is a cruel mistress… or maybe just lazy.
      I’m sure she’ll show up eventually. Until then I will keep fighting the good fight!

      Liked by 1 person

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