Running As I Fall

I fell for you and I hid

I fell for you, so I ran

I fell; I didn’t mean to but I did

A decision I don’t quite understand


It’s a passion I cannot contain

It’s a passion that fills me with fear

Its a passion, from which I choose to abstain

Whenever I find you are near


I’ve fears that my feelings are wrong

I’ve fears that you’d never feel the same

I’ve fears they’re way far too strong

These thoughts I’m afraid to proclaim


Far too used to failed romantics

Far too unwilling to try

Far too prone to these foolish antics

Running, instead of just saying “Hi”



Cameron D Hamilton 18/04/2017


10 thoughts on “Running As I Fall

      1. So, here are my thoughts on the subject: sometimes we fall in love. And sometimes it’s when we least expect it. Often with someone we didn’t anticipate. And when it happens, when we realize it’s happened, we’re shell-shocked, stunned. It’s a vulnerability we hoped not to feel (ever again, perhaps?) and it scares us that we are in such a predicament. So what do we do? Embrace this exhilarating new thing that could result in the worst pain we’ve ever felt? Or run away from it as fast as we can before it has a chance to bury its claws so deep into our souls that we might come out the other side alive? Trust me, I understand. It’s not pretty, and being vulnerable is scary as hell. It’s our first instinct to run and hide, to protect ourselves. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to do the opposite.

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        1. Yeah that sounds about right. I suppose it is easy to understand, you just need to step back a little. I’ve never been too good about that
          It really is a shock that strips away everything and leaves you at your most fragile.
          It’s an odd subject for me because I don’t have anyone I’m running from, in fact the last time I encountered this I did embrace it… and got a lot heartbroken as a result. I’m not sure where this piece actually comes from. Certainly emotionally provoking but not routed in present reality.
          I honestly think this is me identifying demons before I meet someone new.
          Regardless it’s an interesting subject because it’s certainly not unique and it’s always interesting to see what people think.

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    1. Thank you, it’s a little self examination.
      The fear is weird. it makes sense but you’ve got to fund the courage to take those risks.
      I’m really glad you liked the title. It took me so long to settle on. Very pleased it worked for you!

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