Glass Heart

I’d like to show you, the depths of fragility

What beats within my breast

With all of its trampled vulnerability

And the purity of love expressed


I believe you possess the nobility

To take it under your care

I feel a very strong possibility

You might guard this treasure so rare


Would you take on the responsibility

Could you protect it from further harm

It’s clear you’ve got the capabilities

To render my defences disarmed


Held in your hands there’s stability

No fears it’ll shatter on the ground

Sheltered, in a gentle grasp of security

Safe, whenever you are around


I’d like to show you, the depths of fragility

The most guarded part of my soul

For you seem to have quite the affinity

To repair, a heart, not quite whole



Cameron D Hamilton 13/04/2017


9 thoughts on “Glass Heart

            1. Awww, you’re very sweet. As your reward I shan’t accept your challenge to creep you out. Ahahaha

              Honestly it is a concern of mine. I write very openly about romantics and I often think I cross lines. Possibly because I bounce from extremes…. one moment shy the other quite expressive. I’m really glad this hits the balance, I really strive for it!

              Liked by 1 person

              1. VictoryInTrouble

                Ha ha! I doubt you could! I don’t think you cross lines. It’s your poetry. And honestly…if we’re talking about crossing lines, lol, my poetry is WAY over!! 😄😈😂


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