Welcome to the Pub Quiz

Welcome to the pub quiz

Let’s hope that you’re prepared

It’s harder than the flyer says

No boffins will be spared


It’s time to get your brains in gear

For your team to be number one

But I won’t allow any cheating here

So get your phones off everyone


Grab a drink and an answer sheet

The fun is about to begin

Get your team ready to compete

And let’s see who’s going to win


Soon the questions will start a flying

And tensions will be sure to build

There’ll be frustrated teams all a sighing

And shrieks from those who’re thrilled


Only the smartest will survive

So this isn’t the time to be meek

If your team has any hope to thrive

Don’t dare be afraid to speak


Arguments are bound to break out

Everyone thinks their answers are right

So don’t let your team be left with a pout

For not putting up more of a fight


Our winner tonight is a mystery

Every team has a fair chance to solve

Each answer, a step closer to victory

If you have the knowledge, the resolve


So, get your pens and pencils at the ready

It’s almost time for question one

Take a drink to get those nerves steady

Bon chance; best of luck everyone!



Cameron D Hamilton 12/04/2017


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