Your company is quite concerning

Is your attention genuine

What do you hope on learning

By examining my mind


So many probing questions

I wonder what’s coming next

This inquisitive conversation

Has me more than a little perplexed


Are you trying to take advantage

Do you think that I’m easily led

Do you plan on doing me damage

Are you messing with my head


It might be my own Neurosis

That’s prompting this lack of trust

Scepticism, my self diagnosis

With my past; I’m cynically just


Far too often disregarded

I don’t know how to interact

Socially challenged and guarded

Attention causes me to retract


Call it defence, or call it fear

I’m utterly confused

Your intentions remain unclear

I simply don’t want to be used


It’s takes me a while to adjust

When meeting someone new

A life lived full of broken trust

Gives a jaded point of view


I don’t know if you mean me harm

So I’ll have to take my time

Before I fall to your social charms

And make your friendship mine



Cameron D Hamilton 11/04/2017


6 thoughts on “Trust

    1. I believe there’s more of us out there than not. Life has a way of sapping that trusting nature from people. Or maybe it’s people who do it to other people. Regardless, im not a fan. if I could trust more I think I’d have more opportunities in this crazy world.

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  1. That’s me! Feel so happy now, because you have given words to I feelings I go through when I meet not-so-familiar ones, some of my colleagues and most of my relatives.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a hard balance to let new people in and trust that their intentions are innocent. I’m anti social to begin with but I’ve been betrayed far too many times to open myself to people easily.
      I’m glad this could give voice to the words we share. Strangers are indeed strange and sometimes need to be approached with a guard.


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