You’re Better Than This

You’ve taken it too far

It’s no longer grief

Hitting up every bar

Can’t sustain relief


Don’t let it be a crutch

It’s never an excuse

All this drinking too much

Is just pointless abuse


Though tears are still welling

Within bereaved eyes

Your drunkenness is repelling

And far from being wise


Do you honestly believe

Those who’ve passed would be proud

That you’ve chosen to grieve

Under a boozy cloud


You’re better than this

Take back your control

It won’t bring you bliss

It won’t make you whole


Please won’t you think

Of your life tomorrow

It’s impossible to drink

Away all your sorrows




Cameron D Hamilton 08/04/2017


9 thoughts on “You’re Better Than This

    1. Thank you so much for the support, im glad you liked this. It’s very much an admission of guilt, by writing it and putting it on here it holds me accountable. I think I’m okay but even if I’m not quite, I know I will be.


    1. I’m so terrible sorry for your loss ❤

      Things for me are better. Everything still creeps in but the drinking is under control. I do agree it’s nice to feel numb but it take strength to know when you’ve taken it too far. No one can tell you when that limit is. Only you will truly know it’s up to you to decide to remove the crutch.
      For me it just meant cutting back, drinking everyday was just too much.
      I can’t tell anyone what to do but what I will say is if it helps in the moment then take the relief… but don’t let it consume you.

      I wish you well in this horrific time and the strength to carry on.


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