The Thinker

Quiet contemplations circle round his head

Listening intently to everything that’s said

Choosing to step into the conversational fray

Only when he’s got something important to say


He doesn’t see the point of a prattling natter

Never one for engaging in the joys of idle chatter

When he chooses to speak, he wants to illuminate

To leave his captive audience with much to contemplate


Though the words he weaves, won’t always be wise

The sentences he strings will always widen eyes

Patiently waiting, for the best moment to strike

In hopes he’ll say something that everyone will like


Speaking with a passion, that’s hard not to feel

Even if the subject matter’s not entirely real

Significant musings, though often abstract

Eccentrically crafted that make an impact


Mulling over his thoughts, carefully before shared

With a refreshing point of view that’s incredibly rare

A thinker’s what he is, with always something to say

Whenever he steps into, the conversational fray




Cameron D Hamilton 06/04/2017


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