Grandfathers Scheme

There’s a story from my youth, that you used to tell

I’m reminded of today, as we say farewell

Of a plan quite peculiar, that captured a youthful heart

That we never ever seemed to find the time to start


It’s a memory that always brings a smile to my face

One that I treasure and will never erase

Though you’re now gone, I remember that dream

Your grand, eccentric and wonderful scheme


I hope that very soon I’ll get to give it a try

In a testament for us, having to say goodbye

And if you could see, I’m sure that you’d be ecstatic

When I’ve finally put a pool table into the attic



Cameron D Hamilton 10/03/2017



[The preceding poem was written for my Grandpa who recently passed away (07/03/17).  I wrote this and two others to be recited at his funeral.  This particular piece was read at the church.   All throughout my childhood he always talked about putting a pool table into his attic and it more than captured my imagination. To this day it’s one of my most treasured memories, this simple idea that never came to be.

I’ve not really been in a great place but I felt it was time to share what’s been going on and what I’ve been doing to remember someone who meant so much to me.

Regardless if you like this, thank you for reading.]


10 thoughts on “Grandfathers Scheme

    1. Thank you so much. It’s been a strange old time recently but after the reaction from people at the funeral I had to share here. I have a digital family that cares and you all deserve a glimmer into my soul.
      Thank you so much for the kindness ❤

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    1. It made a fair few people smile at the church. I heard a few stifled giggles. it was a good feeling to touch people like that.
      I learned a new story from one of his oldest friends. When he was a wee boy and his friends got a new toy, him and his brother used to tell them they had one too…. but it was in thr attic. A trouble maker even as a boy… makes perfect sense to me 😄

      I’m glad you enjoyed this. It’s something I’ll need to have displayed everywhere I live to remind me, your life isn’t complete till you’ve done this! Ahaha!!!

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  1. Kuki

    His wishes will always be with u in the form of prayers, yet people’s heart has blackened their souls, and they have stopped remembering their lost ones

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