A Sense of Loss

That truly unsettles the soul
Is no longer under control

With no desire to write
From the inability to fight

Clouds over every thought
When logic’s tied in knots

With so much to say
It will be told another day



Cameron D Hamilton 01/04/2017


27 thoughts on “A Sense of Loss

    1. Thank you so much. it’s been a trying time lately and my creative voice has fallen off.

      Sometimes it’s just hard to actually sit down and write. Life tends to get in the way.

      I hope you indulge to urge soon. Writing is too special to lose.


    1. This is a poem born of the loss of my grandfather and trying to readjust to the world. I lost my drive to write and create. i preferred to hide away and ignore the fragility of life.
      It truly is horrid to lose that will to do what you love.

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